VFVP-USA (also known as the US Committee) is one of six national committees that raises funds in our home country to support the Vietnam Friendship Village in Hanoi. The other committees are based in France, Germany, Japan, Canada and Vietnam.

In the United States, the Vietnam Friendship Village Project gives American war veterans and caring citizens an opportunity for reconciliation and friendship with former adversaries, while addressing a real need in Vietnam—providing assistance for presumed victims of Agent Orange. For some, involvement with this humanitarian project helps to heal emotional wounds created by wartime experiences. For others it is about creating a model of international friendship and peaceful collaboration—a worthwhile pursuit even for younger generation Americans who have no memory of the American war in Vietnam.

VFVP-USA spends very little on administrative expenses for fundraising operations in the US, as the organization is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Expenditures are mainly for print and electronic communications and board meeting conference calls. About 87 percent of all money raised in the USA is sent directly to the Vietnam Friendship Village for general operating expenses or special projects approved by our board. As well as organizing fundraising events in their local communities, VFVP-USA board members make substantial donations of time and money, and strive to cover most of the US Committee’s minimal operating expenses out of their own pockets.

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Vietnam Friendship Village Project USA is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS.

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