Vietnam Friendship Village Project USA

George Mizo Scholars

The George Mizo Scholarship has been awarded by the U.S. Committee to dozens of village residents since 2015, all supported with funds donated by U.S. supporters.  

The purpose of the scholarship is to help Friendship Village residents make successful transitions back to their homes after they leave the village.  We began by primarily funding job and skills training that was not available in the village while also covering living expenses during the duration of the program, generally six to twelve months. Students have studied cooking, hairdressing, computer skills, and fashion design.  

After working closely with our partners at the Friendship Village, we reoriented the project to cover small business grants for current and former residents of the Village.  As many of the residents are from rural towns, we now support family farms and small businesses.  

We are proud to provide some lift for these ex-residents.  Join us!

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