Villager Snapshot: Mai Ngô

by Paul Wicker, VFVP-USA board member

Mai Ngô had been at the Friendship Village for the past two years. She was born in 1993, and she is from Lạng Giang district in Bắc Giang Province 36 miles northeast of Hanoi. She has worked in the tailoring shop at the village, where she learned to make clothes.

She is known in the village for her singing ability and happy disposition. Whenever there is an event that provides an opportunity for a song, Mai is always involved and frequently is a soloist.

Mai is the kind of person who has ambitions. She said on her Facebook page, “Push my limit. Why not? It is time to see what I can do!”

With that in mind, Mai recently left the Village to work in the sewing room for LSHELL Designs in Hanoi. LSHELL Designs is affiliated with the Donkey Bakery, a company that employs people with disabilities. Her goal is to support herself in an independent living environment and to save money so she can study fashion design in the future.

We wish her well in her new endeavor.

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