Visitor Albums

Photography Student Daniel Wagner ~ Mar 2014

These photos were taken by Daniel Wagner, a German man who participated in a photography workshop held at the Vietnam Friendship Village in March 2014.

A Day in the Life ~ Dec 2008

These photos were taken by David and Dan Rocovits during a 24-hour visit to the Friendship Village December 25-26, 2008. An accompanying article titled “A Day in the Life of the Vietnam Friendship Village” was published in our Summer 2009 newsletter.

Bob Fitch Photos ~ Oct 2004

These are just some of the photos taken by Bob Fitch during the International Committee Meeting held at the Friendship Village in October-November 2004. Bob Fitch is a photographer from Santa Cruz, California renowned for his iconic images of the peace, social justice and cultural movements of the 1960s and ’70s.

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