International Agent Orange Day 2012

In commemoration of International Agent Orange Day, we want to share this article, authored by by Jeanne Mirer and Marjorie Cohen and posted on the website of the Viet Nam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign. If you miss the chance to participate with 51 seconds of silence followed by 51 seconds of action on August 10, 2012, don’t worry. These are simple actions that can be taken anytime. The main point is to help raise awareness in the USA about the ongoing legacy of dioxin left behind in Viet Nam and to do whatever we can to address the problem. Offering support to the Viet Nam Friendship Village is one avenue, and we hope you will do that, but there are many other projects out there working on this issue, and by supporting each other we increase our overall effectiveness in bringing relief to the Vietnamese people who continued to be affected by Agent Orange all these years after the American war.

Call for International Agent Orange Day 2012 US

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