Welcome to our Redesigned Website!

Finally, we have a new, improved website design for the Vietnam Friendship Village Project’s US Committee. This site combines basic info pages with a blog-style column where we will post news and photos to keep everyone updated on what’s happening at the Friendship Village in Hanoi. In addition, look for announcements of special activities here in the United States hosted by US Committee members.

To celebrate this long-awaited development, here is a poem about Peace written by Friendship Village Founder George Mizo (thank you to Rosemarie Höhn-Mizo for sharing this at our Tenth Anniversary ceremony in 2008):

Peace is giving something to life,
In each day, in a lifetime.

Peace is sometimes hurting someone,
but never wanting to, and trying not to.

Peace is not only seeing the beauty in a flower,
but seeing also the beauty in the beggar.

Peace is not just not killing,
but trying to help each other live.

Peace is not being perfect,
but trying to be better.

Peace is not wanting to die,
but not being afraid to.

Peace is not just a word.

— George Mizo

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Redesigned Website!

  1. Mark Shapiro

    Readers are encouraged to visit the ‘Agent Orange Action Group’ at http://www.aoag.org

    Agent Orange Action Group Calls for protest at Monsanto’s annual general meeting

    Monsanto, the company that manufactured Agent Orange used on Vietnam resulting in the deaths of many thousands of Vietnamese and the abnormal births of many thousands more, and also among military forces from the US and other countries who served during the Vietnam War, announced on 25th October that its Board of Directors has designated

    Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 as the date of the next annual meeting of shareowners.

    Monsanto’s annual meeting will be held at the company’s headquarters facility in suburban St. Louis. Additional meeting details will be included in the company’s proxy statement, which will be available in December.

    Len Aldis, Chairman of Agent Orange Action Group called upon all who are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange to take this opportunity to purchase shares in the company in so doing they can express their anger and concerns by asking questions to the board members for the criminal damage Agent Orange has caused to all victims and their families.

    For those unable to purchase share, to encourage others to join you outside the meeting in a peaceful expression of your anger.

    Len Aldis. Chairman
    Agent Orange Action Group
    Visit our website: http://www.aoag.org

  2. Len Aldis

    Congratulations on your new site and hope it will encourage many others to visit it and to see the valuable work that is being carried out at the Friendship Village. Despite the work already done there is much more to do for the ever growing number of Vietnamese affected by Agent Orange.

    It was very good to meet up with Rosemarie at the VAVA conference in Hanoi.

    Len Aldis. Chairman
    AOAG http://www.aoag.org


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