Visit the Friendship Village

front entrance gate


The Vietnam Friendship Village is located about 11 kilometers west of central Hanoi in Van Canh Commune, Ha Tay Province, which was incorporated into greater Hanoi in 2008. Despite intense urban sprawl, it is a relatively easy commute from the central tourist district to the Friendship Village, via taxi.

Timing your visit

Visiting the Friendship Village is possible most times of year, except during two or three weeks surrounding Vietnam’s annual celebration of Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year), which usually falls in late January or early February. (Most of the residents are absent from the village during this time, spending the holiday at home with their families.)

Visitors are welcome Monday through Friday, anytime during the work day.

Making contact

As a courtesy, and to ensure your visit is scheduled at a time that is most convenient for the Friendship Village, please communicate your intention to visit by sending an email message to Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, Foreign Visitor Manager, well in advance, at [friendshipvillage18398 (at)].

Once in Vietnam, you may arrange a visit by calling the village directly to confirm plans and get directions. If you do not speak Vietnamese, it may be helpful to ask a Vietnamese-speaking friend, hotel concierge, tour guide or driver to call on your behalf. (Many hotels in Hanoi double as tour agencies and staff should be happy to help with transportation arrangements.) Below is the main number for the Friendship Village, plus the mobile number for the village director, for backup:

  • Friendship Village Office: 04 3837 4527
  • Director Dinh Van Tuyen: 09 8900 0889

Many of the children really enjoy interacting with visitors with whatever English or other language vocabulary they have picked up, supplemented with sign language. You may have a chance to interact with some of the veterans as well. However, if you wish to converse in any depth with Friendship Village residents or staff, it is advisable to hire a Vietnamese interpreter to accompany you on your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download Volunteer Inquiries about the Vietnam Friendship Village, the PDF version of a brochure authored by volunteer Jenni Nguyen, which answers some of the questions frequently asked by volunteers and visitors.