Conference Delegates Visit Van Canh

On August 9, 2011, the day before International Agent Orange Day, delegates of the 2nd International Conference of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin paid a visit to the Friendship Village where a program was organized to discuss the lingering effects of AO in Viet Nam.

Vietnam Television International was there, and produced this segment documenting the meeting: AO Delegates Visit Van Canh Friendship Village. It features a clip of Director Dang Vu Dung and a few of the international attendees, including several second-generation victims of AO. There is a performance by the children, and I was happy to glimpse a few familiar faces from my past visits to the village. The message of the conference is that the toxic chemicals sprayed in Viet Nam during the American war continue to have devastating effects on families even today, and there continues to be a strong international movement to secure justice and care for the victims.

The Viet Nam Friendship Village in Van Canh, near Hanoi, is one of approximately forty facilities that provide services for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. Our village is supported by the Vietnamese government, in cooperation with a community of international friends.

3 thoughts on “Conference Delegates Visit Van Canh

  1. Len Aldis

    The visit to the international Friendship Village – a project built through the coming together of veterans from Vietnam, US, Japan, Germany, France and UK – shows how international support for the victims of Agent Orange can succeed in helping to ease the lives of these tragic victims, many, as you would have seen, born years after the war ended.

    The need to develop and strengthen still further international action is needed more anhd more each day if justice is to be won for the Vietnamese suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.


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