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Welcome to our Redesigned Website!

Finally, we have a new, improved website design for the Vietnam Friendship Village Project’s US Committee. This site combines basic info pages with a blog-style column where we will post news and photos to keep everyone updated on what’s happening at the Friendship Village in Hanoi. In addition, look for announcements of special activities here in the United States hosted by US Committee members.

To celebrate this long-awaited development, here is a poem about Peace written by Friendship Village Founder George Mizo (thank you to Rosemarie Höhn-Mizo for sharing this at our Tenth Anniversary ceremony in 2008):

Peace is giving something to life,
In each day, in a lifetime.

Peace is sometimes hurting someone,
but never wanting to, and trying not to.

Peace is not only seeing the beauty in a flower,
but seeing also the beauty in the beggar.

Peace is not just not killing,
but trying to help each other live.

Peace is not being perfect,
but trying to be better.

Peace is not wanting to die,
but not being afraid to.

Peace is not just a word.

— George Mizo